Professional Business Facility Cleaning

Serving Northwest Indiana and Michiana

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More Focus On Day To Day Ops

Your Customers and Team Deserve A Professionally Cleaned Facility

Hiring and training in-house cleaners is a pain in the neck.

Stop feeling unsupported and exhausted trying to keep everything clean yourself.

Spend your time running your business smoothly.


Safer Facilities

Your employees and team members will be happier and safer in a clean workspace.


More Productive Workforce

When your facilities are clean, your staff will work faster and more efficiently.


Longer Lasting Equipment

Keeping everything clean reduces wear and tear on your equipment, furniture and other accessories.

We Don't Just Care About Your Facility. We Care About You And Your Staff!

Up To CDC Standards and EPA Approved Methods

Our staff of professional cleaners goes through thorough training to meet cleaning requirements for CDC and EPA standards. We closely follow protocols and adhere to recommended cleaning guidelines.

We’ve Helped Dozens of Businesses in NWI Meet EPA/CDC Guidelines

We’ll get your facility up to par to meet and exceed EPA and CDC guidelines. Protect yourself, your customers and your staff but getting everything cleaned to the highest government recommended standards.


Give Us A Call

We will work with you to set up a time to walk through your business.


Facility Inspection

We’ll walk through your facility with you to go over everything you need done to keep it nice and clean.


Sparkling Facilities

Our team of highly trained and skilled cleaners will clean your building to perfection.

Your in-house cleaning service isn’t getting the job done. Club Clean uses methods compliant with the CDC and up to EPA standards. Hire us, and you will enjoy a clean, safe and spotless facility in no time.