Understanding Disinfectant Misting and Fogging

Disinfectant Misting and Fogging

Business establishments became conscious about cleanliness since the inception of the Coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning processes with the right products used and how effective these substances are for killing viruses are without a doubt already in the cleaning programs for every establishment.

Currently, cleaning business premises includes misting and fogging to reduce transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Misting and Fogging look similar and similar in function but these two are different. Absolute Commercial Interiors shares some valuable information on the important differences between misting and fogging.


The mist dispensed from the misting machine is controllable. Mists from sprays are dry and lingers in the air for a very short time. Thereby, mist emitted is safe for equipment and electronics. The molecules produced during misting are larger and they fall faster than fogging. Mists evaporate quickly from the surfaces sprayed into.

The bad side of Misting is that the World Health Organization specifically recommends against it as a way to combat Covid-19 in both health care or non-health care settings. It says that it is unhelpful and can harm people. This information is based from the written article of STAT  This technique is ineffective unless surfaces are first thoroughly cleaned.


Quality Compliance Systems states that Fogging is the work of a specialist contractor using specialized products and cleaning methods. Fogging can kill off the viruses and other biological agents in the air and on surfaces with the use of an antiviral disinfectant solution. It leaves the chemical in the air and surfaces for a longer time compared to Misting. Further, the chemical solution used during fogging often reaches the electronics and equipment which can cause damage to them gradually in the long run.

The down side of Fogging is that simply Fogging an area with a disinfectant does not meet EPA-registered label requirements without pre-cleaning.


In cleaning a commercial space, the important factors to consider are downtime, chemicals, effectiveness and cost. There are machines, equipment and chemicals that kill viruses and bacteria with 99.99% effectiveness.

At Club Clean, we use only the government and authority approved cleaning chemicals and equipment. We make sure that these are not corrosive, it leaves no residue, safe and most of all efficient in eliminating germs, viruses and the Coronavirus.

Club Clean’s commercial cleaning services includes Misting and Fogging with persistent anti-microbial solution. We use only the EPA-registered disinfectants according to product label directions. We believe that no disinfectant by misting or fogging will be effective unless the surface is first cleaned with soap and water. Club Clean understands that there are requirements as to the specific length of contact time in the surface that the disinfectant must remain wet.

As an established commercial cleaning company serving satisfied clients in Chicagoland, Michiana and surrounding areas, Club Clean will give your establishments a whole disinfection with utmost importance and care.

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