Locker Room Alert! Steer Clear from Lurking Bacterias, Germs, Fungi and Viruses

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Schools, hospitals, fitness gyms, spas, offices, factories and other business establishments maintained a locker room to store personal belongings of students, staff, employees, members and even the owners themselves. A well cleaned and maintained locker room is very important for the success of any business. It is very essential that these locker rooms are clean and not the living quarters of bad bacterias, germs, viruses and fungi. Fungus loves warm, dark and moist areas and that perfectly describes the locker room.

After each activity in gyms or spas, there are the sweaty excretions from the members who check on their stuff in the lockers in order to change clothes or get ready for shower. Humidity and odor are among the greatest problems encountered for a locker room and how much more if it is kept uncleaned for a long period of time. Teen Vogue article says that leaving damp, sweaty clothes crammed in the locker is basically asking for fungus to grow even if your locker room is not shared with someone.

Diversey says that locker rooms can be a breeding ground for various types of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Different kinds of bacteria, fungi, germs, viruses and even ring worms and respiratory illnesses can spread easily in the locker rooms. Some locker rooms are shared and this is where the danger starts. Business managers and owners must not overlook the maintenance to the high level of cleanliness to the locker rooms.



It is advisable to wash your hands or use an alcohol or sanitizer before you approach the locker room. You may have gathered the fungus, germs and viruses every time you have touched in the door knobs and toilet surfaces . Once you enter the locker room, you may be carrying the fungus, germs and viruses with your hands.


Club Clean recommends Disinfectant Fogging for locker rooms. Cleaning a locker room does not only involve regular cleaning but sanitizing and deep cleaning with disinfectant fogging. Clean Method recommends how to clean a locker room well. They said that normal cleaning and scrubbing solutions won’t do the job than that of the disinfectants.

A regular daily schedule of cleaning and disinfecting are highly recommended since keeping locker rooms clean, disinfected and dry is incredibly important. This is principally for the health and safety of the locker room users.

Club Clean understands the need for a healthy environment. We are equipped with highly trained individuals that can work around the clock to keep your locker rooms clean and disinfected. Locker rooms need to be cleaned and disinfected before and after every use.

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