Important Points on How to Safeguard Your Church Against COVID-19

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Simple church cleaning before the COVID-19 pandemic consists of sweeping, mopping the floors, wiping the furniture surfaces and pews to remove the dust and to make everything shine and sparkle are enough cleaning procedures. Currently, COVID-19 still persists as a threat to our health. Coronavirus may be just hanging around the corners of the church spaces. These days, churches need not only to look clean and shiny but to be deep cleaned and disinfected.

Today, cleaning the church is not simply done through the use of soap and water to remove the germs from the floors, furniture surfaces and pews. Some cleaning products do not kill the germs and the Coronavirus. The church janitor may know how to clean but he does not know how to disinfect with the right cleaning product to have a clean and COVID-19 free church. Church Design shares some insight on expert ways to properly disinfect a public space. It says that churches don’t just need to be cleaned, they need to be disinfected, too.

It is frightening to know that Coronavirus may remain for hours and even days on surfaces such as church surfaces. The CDC suggests how to clean and disinfect our homes which is also applicable to churches. In terms of cleaning churches, Club Clean is a commercial cleaning company serving Indiana and surrounding areas. A more thorough cleaning and disinfection of the entire church is important to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Club Clean knows how to protect your churchgoers in terms of cleaning and disinfecting every nook and corner of the church to stay safe against harmful germs and the COVID-19. We recommend these important points on how to keep a COVID-19 free church:

  • The Right Cleaning Products – The use of the right chemicals and disinfectants to stop the spread of the Coronavirus is very important. As put out by Velocity Ministry Management, when choosing a disinfectant, two things are most important which are 1) the product is an EPA registered disinfectant and 2) know how long the product needs to remain wet on the surface to reach maximum efficacy.
  • Updated Cleaning Procedures – Cleaning and disinfecting the church may involve some plan that contains the right guidelines and procedures that will be implemented, maintained and revised if needed.. Organization of parishioners may hold a meeting and ask the team to develop a strong updated cleaning procedures. Questions may be asked that may include the cleaning or sanitation process currently used that needs to be upgraded in terms of the Coronavirus containment.
  • Keep Everyone Aware and Cooperate – Awareness and cooperation are the key to stop the spread of the virus in places of worship. Awareness and cooperation must start from the priest, pastor or other head of the church up to the parishioners or churchgoers.
  • Encourage Healthy Practices – This may include the wearing of masks among the churchgoers and parishioners. COVID-19 healthy safety measures and guidelines must be posted at the entrance of the church and easy to spot areas. Encourage the churchgoers to wash their hands with a ready to access soap and water or a hand sanitizer, wear face masks and face shields and practice social distancing.








Club Clean can help your church and places of worship be germ free and COVID-19 free. The new normal may involve the health protocols such as social distancing and frequent handwashing but deep cleaning and sanitizing the church on a daily or scheduled basis could help maintain a COVID-19 free church and save the public at large.

The staff of Club Clean are fully trained on using EPA and CDC recommended cleaning protocols that are shown to be effective against viruses as well as COVID-19. We provide quality cleaning services.

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