Hospital Cleaning Crews as Front Liners of Coronavirus Pandemic

Hospital Cleaning Services

The transmission of the Novel Coronavirus is mainly through respiratory droplets. It spreads between people mainly when an infected person close to you sneezes, coughs or loudly speaks. Further, it can also be transmitted by touching the surface areas previously touched by an infected person. In the past months since the emergence of the COVID-19, hospitals all over the globe have been overwhelmed by patients infected by the Coronavirus.

Today, there is still the immediate threat of the COVID-19 infections especially in the hospitals. The Coronavirus has affected the life and health of a million people across the world and it largely affects the frontliners such as the doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

A hospital should value their frontliners since without them their hospital business will not function fully. Hospitals must maintain the cleanliness of their environment and facilities. They have to protect their patients as well as their doctors, nurses and staff with proper cleaning and disinfecting of frequently used and touched areas. And, all these can be done with the great help from cleaning crews. Their job is also categorized as on the frontline of the Coronavirus.







Novant Health talks about shadowing cleaning crews on their integral role during the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning crews are infection preventers especially in hospital facilities. The article of Novant Health states that: “They are infection preventers for all facilities,” said Jamie Feinour, vice president, professional and support services at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. “The environmental services team members are truly unsung heroes in our journey to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.” Cleaning crews’ role is for the prevention and containment of the COVID-19.

Janitors and hospital cleaning crews are not lucky like most of us who are staying at home. As also frontlines, their job puts them most at risk of the COVID-19. Occupational Health & Safety talks about the viral phrases from health care workers. “Stay home, because we can’t.” This phrase is also applicable to hospital cleaning crews.

Hospital areas are extensive as it includes the operating rooms, emergency rooms, laboratories, pharmacy areas, common areas, waiting rooms, stairways, elevators, hallways, restrooms and much more. These areas need to be disinfected and cleaned on a daily basis to ensure against the threat of spread of the Coronavirus.

In terms of cleaning hospital areas and facilities, a commercial cleaning company such as Club Clean can help.  Club Clean knows about the following:

Standard Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning

The Right Cleaning Products

The Right Infection Control Training

COVID-19 Precautions and Procedures

Club Clean’s goal is to make sure that patients, resident doctors, nurses and health providers must have clean and disinfected areas so they can be as comfortable and safe as possible.

Doctors, nurses and health providers can now focus on healing the patients while the Team of Club Clean will do the cleaning and disinfecting.

Everything runs smoother when your hospital areas, facilities and equipment are clean and Coronavirus free!

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