Five Tips on How to Organize a Janitorial Closet

Janitorial Closet

Five Tips on How to Organize a Janitorial Closet


The new normal today includes the keeping or hiring of a cleaning or janitorial service company not only to keep the areas clean but as a safety precaution of the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. A janitorial or custodial closet is now a primary backbone to any facility or building owners. It must be hygienic and clean as it is now the forefront of daily business operations. But some missed to take a closer look at these janitorial closets where the cleaning products, equipment and tools are kept. Often, the janitorial closet of a building or facility is in tight quarters and small spaces that usually are cluttered and unorganized. Grainger shared some important points stating that your facility’s janitorial closet might not be a place you look into that often. See this informative article post from Grainger here: https://bit.ly/3bfXqSR.

Often we may ask the question on how to keep an organized janitorial closet in a building or facility with minimal space allocated for it? An organized and neat janitorial closet means that the cleaners can easily find the things they need to maximize their productivity and highly implement the need to clean the spaces with ease and with safety. Below are the five tips on how to avoid chaos and be organized in the custodial or janitorial spaces:


  1. Well Trained Cleaning Staffs – This is of primary importance. An untrained staff may cause an accident while performing his work. If cleaning company’s hired workers are well trained with the proper protocols of how to perform their work well and how to organize the cleaning materials in the closet, they will perform best in their work. Cleaning protocols such as checking the sink and drainage for the proper hand washing and water disposal are essential. Also, they have to maintain cleanliness on their equipment such as the caddy or cart. An antibacterial agent or a disinfectant must be used to wipe it clean at the end of their shift. Jobber Academy provides some simple ways to improve employee training for cleaning business. They pointed out that “Your cleaning business is about so much more than cleaning your client’s homes-your cleaning business is about the relationships you build with your clients.” This is a noteworthy post. Take a look here at this link: http://bit.ly/3sfkMhA.


  1. Track Inventory – This is the first suggestion from the blog of Shelving.com on Organizing Your Janitor’s Closet blog post: http://bit.ly/3rXRPq1. This is to prevent the over-ordering of supplies that are already stocked up on the closet. Inventory of the supplies on hand can get your closet more organized. It is also ideal to use color as a way to find the tools easily. The mops, buckets, trash liner and cleaning supplies such as chemical solutions should be tracked and put in an inventory.


  1. Keep an Organized Safety Data Sheets – This is to keep everything safe. There must be a written hazard communication policy with the names of the person directly responsible for maintaining it. It includes an outline of how the employees use the SDS in compliance with Occupational and Safety Health Administration protocols. Also, this includes a detailed inventory of all material of SDS information.


  1. Maximize the Space Storage – A janitorial cart is a great addition in the closet  if there is some extra storage space. Use the correct shelves to maximize the wall space. It is ideal to install some racks and wall-mount holders to organize the cleaning products. Products should be organized according to type and usage. The frequently used products should be in easy to reach areas.


  1. Let it Breathe – Keep the closet with ventilation. An exhaust fan may be installed separately for the closet to let out some hazardous or flammable contaminants. In the USA, a separate outside exhaust fan is needed for existing buildings or if it is LEED-EB certified.








Many buildings and facilities have already reopened even still with the threat of the pandemic. This is a challenging opportunity for the facility owners and managers to move for a strategic change through an organized janitor’s closet. At Club Clean, we make sure to help you be equipped with the right cleaning employees and an organized closet is of prime concern especially during this time of the pandemic. We understand your desire to ensure your employees, customers, visitors and the general public with a safe and healthy building environment.


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