3 Essential Steps to Cleaner Gyms and Health Clubs and Stop Coronavirus Infection

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The COVID-19 pandemic put us all on high alert to disinfecting, sanitizing and deep cleaning our business facilities and personal spaces at an even greater level. Everyone wants the same thing; to stop the spread of the corona virus and continue on with our lives. Gyms and health clubs have cautiously re-opened with the pandemic still in full swing.  As a gym or health club owner or manager, it is essential to understand the cleaning protocols necessary to keep the gym facilities or exercise equipment used daily clean and safe for your clients. ISSA recommends the best ways to effectively clean and disinfect your gyms and health clubs. They also point out that the facilities with happy and safe clients are those that are well organized and have thorough cleaning practices in place.

The accumulation of bacteria on exercise equipment like on an exercise bike or a treadmill, are an even greater concern now with the Coronavirus pandemic. All gym and health club owners should be aware of and take into highest consideration to hire a commercial cleaning company. The article from PennJersey Building Services states that an exercise bike has 79 times more bacteria than a water faucet, and free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a public toilet. Germs and bacteria may be lurking in the gym’s equipment. There is a big possibility that the germ, bacteria and the Coronavirus may be transferred to another client without the proper daily cleaning maintenance.

In cleaning and disinfecting your gyms and health clubs, Club Clean in Indiana recommends these three essential steps to have a clean and well sanitized gym and health club in the wake of COVID-19:

  1. Create a Cleaning and Sanitation Plan – This may include some research on the procedures and protocols to be followed during COVID-19. The CDC provides Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting businesses. It says that cleaning and disinfecting public spaces including workplace, school, home and business will require to develop a plan, implement the plan, maintain the plan and revise it if needed.
  2. Keep One Person In Charge – This person will be the owner or manager that will create the cleaning schedules, regularly inspect and monitor if the established procedures and cleaning schedules are being followed. He will see to it that the staff are fulfilling their responsibilities. If this is hard to do then hiring a commercial cleaning company would be a great solution to take this burden off your team
  3. Keep Everyone Aware, Participate and Accountable – Gym and health club owners and managers may implement the proper social distancing  and other safety measures. Everyone should be aware, participate and be accountable for these safety protocols. This involves the owner, manager, employees and the gym and health club members. Reopening of health clubs or gyms may include a note to all members and staff about the protocols such as temperatures taken before access to the gym and wearing of face masks and face shields if needed.








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The Club Clean Team will take care of the cleaning of  your gyms and health clubs so that you can give your attention to the many other needs of your club.

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